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Welcome to StoryFun, an independent project started in California in 2010 providing fun, narrated and animated Children's storybooks.

Our stories are written and illustrated by an international team and narrated by North American voice artists. They are served to your children with fun audio tracks and animations, giving our stories a whole new dimension of fun. Each story has extensive multiple layers of animation, giving them great depth and making them more fun.

New stories will be available every month, so your children will never get bored. Every time you download a new story, the accompanying soundtrack will be added to the app's music playlist. You can play your favorite tracks from the "Music Player".

It is free, and to get started enjoy our three complimentary stories:

  • The story of Billy the SpaceCat and Teeny the Mouse
  • I Believe in You
  • Penguin Bobo and Friends

We strive to be both entertaining and educational, and the results make StoryFun a great way to have a fun and enriching time with your children. Have a great story time! StoryFun Team San Francisco, California

Featured Content
Billy the SpaceCat

The story of Billy the SpaceCat and Teeny the MouseFree Story

Zoom into the world of Billy the SpaceCat and his out-of-this-world best friend, Teeny the Mouse. Trying to realize his dream to fly high in the sky, Billy enlists the help of his co-pilot, Teeny. Together, they come up with many ingenious ways to try reach for the stars...

Snuffy and Mr. Bee

Elephant Snuffy and Mr. Bee

In this entertaining story filled with fun and friendship, you’ll meet Elephant Snuffy, who has been invited to Edgy the Hedgehog’s birthday party! As Snuffy begins his journey, he meets Mr. Bee, who tags along with him. After a few exciting mishaps along the way, they finally make it to the party with a great birthday present...

I Believe in You

I Believe in YouFree Story

Written and illustrated by Lovisa Hedman, I Believe in You is the heartwarming story of a little bumblebee, who can no longer fly. With Fly’s encouragement to not give up in the face of difficulties, Bumblebee tries again and again. Eventually, he learns the important lesson that sometimes all that’s needed to be able to spread your wings and soar is someone who believes in you!

Freddy the Fish

Freddy the Fish and the Big Storm

Freddy is a little tropical fish that lives deep in the ocean. After coming back from a long day at school, he meets up with his friends to play in the water’s currents. But then, a storm overshadows their fun, and Freddy and his friends are separated and scattered around the ocean and the island close by. As Freddy searches for his friends, he encounters an angry shark and a school of jellyfish, but will he ever be able to find his friends or his way home?

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