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Home View It is easy to browse all of the stories available, and find out about upcoming ones. Sort by favorites, top stories, and featured.

Home View

Story Playback The stories are animated, narrated and include word by word text highlighting so your children can easy follow the story and even learn new words.

Story Playback

Music Player Each story features 4 to 6 cool soundtracks. After each new download the soundtrack will be available on the Music List, so you can reply your favorite tracks of the story. The music varies, from slow/calm and sleep inducing, to super energetic fun. You can filter the type of music you want to listen to, and set a timer for how long you want the music to play.

Music Player

Story Browsing It is easy to browse all of the stories available. Flick the page sheet, and view the next story's information.

Story Browsing

Playback Settings You can easily control each aspect of the story playback: Narration, Music, Sounds, Animation, and Page Flipping. You can turn narration off, and read the story yourself.

Playback Settings

Premium Subscription The application includes three complimentary stories. All premium stories, and upcoming releases will be available only to premium members. To become one, you can subscribe with the in-app purchase options: Monthly, Yearly, or Lifetime Subscription. You can also create an account and share your subscription among multiple devices of your family.

Subscription Options